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I love gyros, but I detest people with rainbow filters in their own picture. Kozidis commented about the publish advertising her gyro restaurant.

Not only were strangers rallying powering Gracie's Gyros & Wraps in social media, company within the restaurant has a flourished, too.

So, we wish for you to know:. The woman had been visiting the region via on vacation and asked the particular page with regard to ideas upon where you can eat. Following much consideration as well as aid coming from the girl daughter, Kozidis responded towards the man's message:

Aug 7th 2015 5:46AM


After submitting the woman's reaction in Gracie's Gyros & Wraps and also La Crosse Foodie's Facebook web page (the posts get since been removed), Kozidis was overwhelmed from the massive amount of positive responses.

"Hi Despina. That's when an anti-gay Teaparty activist messaged Kozidis:

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Want to see more gay pride? Verify out pictures in the SCOTUS ruling:

Kozidis has been taken any back, nothing in her submit inside the Foodie page pointed out LGBT...The man ended up being solely commenting about Gracie's Gyros & Wraps rainbow profile picture regarding gay pride. I saw your posting in La Crosse Foodie. It's an abomination which we have got been becoming made to condone deviant sexual behavior. I will NOT end up being traveling to your current restaurant, I'm sorry."

Florida Bakery Will Get Assistance Right After Refusing Anti-Gay Business, Criminal Fees Possible

Like this bakery in the video above, restaurant owners tend to be having a stand against anti-gay patrons.

Despina "Gracie" Kozidis, owner associated with Gracie's Gyros & Wraps, posted on a public "foodie" Facebook page in her neighborhood involving La Crosse, Wisconsin

Facebook Thrives, Pinterest Lags As Driver Of E-Commerce Sales Conversions ... - Marketing Land

Pinterest might be the second-best conversion driver for any excellent quantity of the companies. only 5 percent surveyed outlined Pinterest his or even her best supply of sales conversions, trailing both Twitter (19 percent) and also Instagram (9 percent).

Another likely explanation: Regarding the 200 on-line merchants surveyed, 89 percent are employing Facebook channels, although just 41 % are using Pinterest. He invested 24 many years with most the Los Angeles Times, serving as social media along with reader engagement editor via 2010-2014. It's free as any swap for your contact information.



ChannelAdvisor's executive chairman Scot Wingo stated Pinterest's low ranking in comparison in order to Facebook can be explained by the social network's large advantage throughout size audience.

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Martin Beck will be Third Door Media's Social Media Reporter, covering the latest news regarding Advertising Territory and also Search Results Land. Or Perhaps maybe Twitter is, but the data doesn't reveal that.

That's your not-at-all-surprising discovering of your new survey by simply e-commerce computer software provider ChannelAdvisor, which discovered that 64 % regarding on-line stores say Facebook is actually their own leading source of social media revenue conversions.

You can download the particular full document here. "When we look at our visitors data, each Facebook and Pinterest targeted traffic converts in regarding the identical rate."

Possibly surprising: Pinterest, usually considered a new hotbed regarding commercial potential, ranked reduced on the survey associated with 200 e-commerce businesses, split equally between the US along with UK.

Where do e-commerce marketers turn to obtain outcomes about social media? Facebook, where else?

Furthermore, since your issue requested companies to identify the particular network that drives one with the most conversions, the actual ranking order could potentially be misleading. Seventy % use Twitter, along with 45 percent Instagram.. The graduate regarding UC Irvine as well as the University Or College associated with Missouri journalism school, Beck began his profession in the times as a sportswriter and also copy editor. follow Martin in Twitter (@MartinBeck), Facebook and/or Google+.

(Some images employed below license coming from

For a new third associated with respondents, increasing brand awareness will be the major business objective with regard to social media use

24% involving respondents record connecting using a new generation regarding customers like a primary business goal

Almost 20% of respondents primarily use social media to be able to advertise deals as well as promotions

Some other survey results:

"We believe this can be largely thanks for the scale in which Facebook features achieved," Wingo advised marketing Territory in an email

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Properly, I'm often looking forward to write more metal critiques on the basis of the 3 components within my weblog below, but also for now, here we advise several of the top water iron on the market predicated on buyer report, consumer research, online user comments and my own, personal personalized expertise.

The GS45 is a specialist garment steam which includes a robust 1500W engine that may heat water in order up to create steam in as little as 45 moments and give you over sixty moments of continual water.

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